Some reflections of a teacher

Reflection # 1 (December 2, 2014-Tuesday)

I thank God for the strength and wisdom He gave me this day. I was able to handle two classes for a couple of days. Indeed, the joy of the Lord is my strength.

As I ponder tonight what happened this day, I realize that children really love to watch movies. (Hehe..even myself, too) Yesterday and last Friday, I did not let the pupils watch a movie. I just gave activities to be done in the other room while I was having a class in my room. I kept on going out from my room and telling the other class to keep quiet. But with the aid of technology, specifically, laptop, projector and downloaded movie, I did not exert effort in reprimanding students. They attentively watched the movie “Rise of the Guardians”. So, while I was having a class, the other room was not noisy anymore. Hopefully, I can also download other educational movies which I can show to students as the need arises.

I was so surprised in the afternoon when I saw that the floor in our classroom was so spic and span. I commended Honey Babes, Jene and Marinel for the job well done. Before I left to take my lunch at home, I told the cleaners to mop and apply floorwax on the floor. The assigned cleaners did not take heed with my instructions but the three girls volunteered to do so. Kudos to them!

At 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, we had a faculty meeting. Mrs. Heramiz informed us that Performance- Based Bonus (PBB) and Performance Enhancement Incentive (PEI) will be released before Christmas or before New Year. What a good news! Yeheeey! Hopefully, these will be given before Christmas or even before December 18 so that I had extra money for the District Christmas Party and School Christmas Party.

During the faculty meeting, Ma’am Heramiz also shared to us the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, Higher Order Thinking Skills and Enabling questions. I have been refreshed with what I have learned in college.

I can relate with the article about Multiple Intelligence written by my co-writer. I learned that each one of us has multiple intelligence. Other forms of intelligence are well-developed. Others are yet to be developed. Now that I am a teacher, it is my responsibility to give various activities to students that will nurture their multiple intelligence.

Reflection # 2 (December 3, 2014-Wednesday)

Jaderick was present in the class this day. He is one of my students who is always absent in my class. I had already talked to him for a couple of times. I really need to talk to his parents but I did not have any chance to do it yet. Adrian, Kobe and Reomark were still absent. I already talked to Kobe’s mother three weeks ago. I have to find time next week to visit them at home and talk to them with their parents.

We had no class in the afternoon. There was a seminar on Violence Against Women at Digos City Central Elementary School. I did not attend in the said seminar because I attended the orientation on National School Buildings Inventory held at Ramon Magsaysay Central Elementary School.

I was so sleepy while listening to the orientation but still I tried my best to pick up the important details. I brought with me the laptop of the school. I was able to borrow a broadband from a teacher of Rizal Central Elementary School. So, I was able to browse the site where I am going to encode the data needed by DepEd.

Reflection # 3 (December 4, 2014- Thursday)

On my way to school, I saw Ma’am Quion in front of their home. She called my attention. She informed me that the contestants for the District CommArts Festival and Read-A-Thon were already fetched by the vehicle of the barangay. No teacher was with them. But thanks be to God that after few seconds, I met Sir Deiparine and he said that he was already going to the venue. To assure that no one was left, I still went to school. I arrived at 7:28 A.M. there.

I know I am responsible for the welfare of the contestants. During our meeting, I was told to accompany them. But with the unforeseen circumstances, I came late than expected. I have to choose accountability. I have to be proactive. As what Stephen Covey quoted in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. So, next time Che_anne, choose to go to school earlier than the usual. Heheheh…I want to be effective- effective teacher, mother, wife, friend, speaker, etc.

Another event that made me feel anxious at Remedios Saplala Elementary School (where the contest was held) was when I looked for Kristine Mae Saraosos. Contestants for Smart Talking were advised to stay in a certain room but Kristine was not there in the venue. A parent of one of our contestants told me that she accompanied her mother. She came just on time. I talked to her and to her mother. I told her mother that next time, she has to inform the teacher if she will fetch her daughter.

My students did not make it but still I was grateful because I know they have learned something from participating in the said contest.

Reflection # 4 (December 5, 2014- Friday)

I wondered why some students won’t write. They were so lazy to do their responsibility as students. When I told the Grade V class to answer the long quiz, some did not write. I called the attention of Francisville, Clenton, Aljan and Carmelo just to answer the assessment. The three among them obeyed. I kept on telling Francisville to answer the quiz but he did not really write. He did not pass his paper. When I asked him if he wanted to be promoted to Grade VI, he said yes. Then I told him, “O, gusto man diay ka muadto ug Grade VI, unya di ka musulat.”

Whew! Students like them really measure my patience. I cannot relate to them. I cannot fully comprehend them. When I was a student, I really did my part as a student- went to school every day, participated in class discussions, answered questions, wrote and read, etc…

That is why I have so many questions. Is it really because they are lazy? Is it because they are thinking of other things? Are not they interested with my class? I do not want them to develop laziness. I want them to acquire the habit of valuing education. All of them want to pass but they are not doing what are expected from them.


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