Being a mother

I thank the Lord God for the opportunity to be mother. It’s been my dream even when I was young.

I realize though that to be a mother is not easy. I can feel now the heavy load in raising up a child.

At times, when I arrive home from work, I feel sooooo tired but I have to be strong for my son. He asks for my time–for my attention.

I even get mad sometimes, when I get irritated. I even yell to my son, to my surprise, even if I do not intend to do it. Just like last night. I told him to stop getting the clothes that I folded. He did not obey. I became so furious that I got a piece of shirt and spanked him. But, he walked backward in order not to be hit. Alas! he fell down and cried out loud. I pitied him but I did not help him instead. I just let him cry.

On the other hand, I feel so happy everytime he prays for me. He prays every night. He prays for our love ones.

Oh, my God, please help me to raise my son Shiro in the right path. Lord, I want him to grow up as a man who fears the Lord, a man of prayers, a man of goodness.


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