Remembering 2015

We gathered at the parsonage to welcome the new year. We had a family devotion.

I attended the RSPC at UIC, Davao City. Ang Alitaptap, our school publication, won third place in Feature Page.

I was nominated again to the CSC Pag-asa Award.

I, tepen and Shiro were able to attend the National Convention of Foursquare Family in Baguio City. We were able to visit la presa, the site of the teleseries “Forevermore”.

Before going to baguio, we stayed in manila for three days I think. We visited manila ocean park,rode in the LRT, went to Mall of Asia.

Family vacation in Surigao- Enchanted River, Doll house, tinuy-an falls,island hopping

Attended the UFM-UFW District Conference in Kapatagan.

Opening of classes
i can’t remember something memorable on this month..heheh
Ah, it’s Shiro’s first taste of school. He studied at Digos Christian learning Center. tepen enrolled in the teacher professional program of CJC.I and Flora May Cadungog started studying for EDD at USEP.

received the PEI-supposedly equivalent for one-month, but mine was based on Teacher III yet..

We purchased the inventer aircon.

-CSC recognition at Grand men Seng Hotel

_ World teachers’ Day= AGILA awarding @ Apo View…I was one of the awardees.
-Our room at home was airconditioned.

I celebrated my 32nd bday. Shiro celebrated his 4th birthday.

We spent christmas in Banate. We went to the farm on Christmas Day.

Oh Lord, thank you for the blessings we received in 2015.
Oh I give thanks to you for you are good! Psalms 136? Am I right?


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