Who’s Cherrie?

Cherrie is a lady who always believes that life is beautiful. She is optimistic. No matter how big are her problems, she takes them as opportunities to grow.


She is currently teaching Grades 5 and 6 pupils at Jolencio R. Alberca Elementary School.


14 thoughts on “Who’s Cherrie?

  1. hello teacher cherrie,

    i am looking for filipino teachers’ blogs and i found yours and i like it.

    i am also running a teacher’s blog ( she-teaches.com) and i am wondering if you would like to exchange links with me?

    is that ok, drop me a comment and as soon as you say yes, i’ll include you in my blogroll.


  2. hi im really proud of you becoz of your ddcation to ur work… i am also a teacher but im not practicing it bcoz im afraid of responsibilities..but the moment i read ur blog,i got motivated and insipred, thank you for sharing ur experiences

  3. hi! i am a nurse but now a teacher… anywayz, got ur link from Karina’s.
    i just got back to blogging.

    anywayz, asa banda ang alberca?

  4. Any chance of getting the notes on this??? ‘Ptra. Delia Bohol was the speaker of the first session which started at 1:30 PM. She talked about the integrity of a Christian teacher.’

  5. hi cherrie,
    i saw ur thesis title about the tracer study, i’d like do same tracer study for dentistry, so hope i can borrow or see it for my references of my thesis…
    thanks before

  6. cherrie anne baguio? is this u? its me, julie from network dsnhs before…ahead ako sau but nagkasama na tayo sa school paper. i really wanted to keep in touch with u…pls email me. i dont wanna leave a lot of info dito kc public eh. thanks

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